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Two Places To Visit When You Go To Washington DC

Any vacation that takes you to the East Coast, especially if you are traveling through Virginia, Maryland or even Pennsylvania, Washington DC is a place you need to visit. Located very close to Baltimore, it is right on the Potamac River. It is a place where incredible monuments have been built, and places of power are occupied by those that run the United States. Close by you could see the Pentagon, and there is also the Arlington cemetery. However, if you are going directly into DC, there are places that you can go, many of which offer tours that you will enjoy.

National Gallery Of Art

Even the exterior of this building is exceptional. You can take a small group walking tour that will explain everything as you go through. It will last about three hours, and it’s designed for people that are 12 years or older. It is the one Smithsonian museum that people recommend over all of the others. Your kids will get to learn so much about American history, and the artwork that is there. It is often a place that people do not go, preferring to visit the larger monuments like the Lincoln Memorial or the Washington Monument. If you can go, and you can devote an afternoon or morning to this tour, it will be very worthwhile for everyone.

Jefferson Memorial

Though not as impressive as the Lincoln Memorial, it is in honor of the third president of the United States. Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and therefore it is representative of one of the more important founders of our nation. If you do get to go inside, read the writings that you will see, and take the self-guided tour. It is an important place to visit as it represents many of the freedoms that we have, freedoms written down by the third president of the United States.

You can find many places in Washington DC that are going to be fun to visit. You should have no problem at all seeing most of them if you have a week. If you do get to go, you will definitely want to consider going to these two locations, both of which will teach you a little bit more about American history. Just make sure that you book your vacation in advance so that you can get your room and also the tickets to go. You can usually get these for a discounted price. If you are bringing your family, or if it is just yourself, you will have a good time in the DC area.